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Topic 3 - Climate change and world challenges
Published on 30 January 2023
by F. Touihrat

Sommaire Final task January 30th - February (...) March 6th - 10th, 2023 Final task

The final task of this theme will be a debate. The subject is climate change. RolesStudents Group 1Students Group 2Comments Journalists Benjamin

Julie C.-R. Clément

Romain You will have (...)

Topic 2 - Brain plasticity
Published on 28 November 2022
by F. Touihrat

Sommaire Final task November 7th-18th November 21st-25th November 28th - December (...) December 5th-9th - Intermediat January 6th-9th Final task

The Minister for Health wishes to launch a national campaign about the impacts of new technologies and how they could help (...)

Topic 1 - Human evolution
Published on 19 September 2022
by F. Touihrat

Sommaire Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 1

The texts you studied are abstracts of actuel scientific papers.

You can find the full versions of the three texts by clicking on the links below: Text A