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Topic 3. Climate change and world challenges
Published on 30 January 2024
by F. Touihrat

Sommaire Final task. LET’S COPE WITH Roles Rules January 30, 2024 February 13th, 2024 Final task. LET’S COPE WITH THE COP Roles CountryStudents Hosts Mathis - Simon UAE Charlotte - Jade Azerbaijan Aude - Yasmine UK Benjamin - Jeanne USA Éléonore - Gauthier Fr

Topic 2. Brain plasticity
Published on 14 November 2023
by F. Touihrat

Sommaire Final task November 7th November 14th November 21st November 28th Final task

The Minister for Health wishes to launch a national campaign about the impacts of new technologies on the brain and how they could help prevent and/or cure Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Topic 1. Human evolution
Published on 12 September 2023
by F. Touihrat

Sommaire September 12, 2023 September 19, 2023 October 03, 2023 September 12, 2023

The texts you studied are abstracts of actuel scientific papers.

You can find the full versions of the three texts by clicking on the links below: