Theme 3 - Climate
Article published on 15 January 2021
last modification on 5 February 2021

by F. Touihrat

 January 15, 2021

COP25 took place on November 2019.
COP26 is scheduled on November 2021.


Build up a summary sheet on COP25 and COP26.


Grab some information on

  • ’COP’, ’UNFCCC’. What are they? What are their aims?
    • What consequences did the previous meetings of COP have?
    • Find background from COP25. What was the organizing country? The host country? What happened since then?
    • What are the challenges of COP26?
  • Find out how each country is involved in climate change regulation, according to COP25
  • How has the COVID crisis been delaying UNFCCC actions?


UNFCCC website
COP25 website
COP24 website
Climate Change Association

 January 22, 2021

Task 1 - 15’

  • Build up pairs
  • Some of you are Scots, some are Chileans (the teacher decides)
  • Using the researches your did last week, list the main characteristics of your country : geography, people, politics, food, environment, etc.

Task 2 - 15’ [EOI]

  • Mix pairs: 1 Scot+ 1 Chilean
  • Present your country to each other

Task 3 - 15’ [EOI]

  • Mix pairs: 2 Scots or 2 Chileans
  • Discuss on what you understood of the other country
  • In view of COP26, write a short speech to deliver your new year wishes to the other country, considering climate issues.

 February 05, 2021

Task 1 - 15’ [CE]

  • Using the ressource below, identify the main stakes for Chile concerning climate change


Task 2 - 35’ [CO]

  • Watch the video below
  • When was this conference given?
  • What does its title refer to?
  • List up the links you can draw between what Jonathan Foley said and what happens in Chile
  • In conclusion, do you think that what happens in Chile matches its climatic stakes?