Topic 2 - Human reproduction - Sex and gender
Article published on 16 November 2021
last modification on 24 November 2021

by F. Touihrat


Here is an extract from the famous TV series ’Star Trek: The Next Generation’.
Here, Commander Riker, from Starfleet, meets up with Soren, of the J’naii species.

J’naii are among the humanoid species but present a significant difference with the Human species: J’naii are a no-gender species.

Part 1 - 0:00 to 0:51

  • What would you answer to Soren, if you were Commander Riker?

Part 2 - 0:51 to 1:22

  • Do you agree with Commander Riker?
  • What about the last question Soren asks in this extract and Riker’s reaction?
  • How are men and women depicted in this video?

 Final task

You work at Starfleet’s Diplomatic Service.

You are in charge of a part of the upcoming ’Meet Humans’ commercial campaign which is to be launched.

This campaign is aimed at J’naii people. J’naii individuals are asexuate and non-gendered and one of their most common difficulties, while meeting Humans, is dealing with the question ’How to make out a Man from a Woman?’.

Your job is to create an educational commercial to help them prepare theirs trips through the Federation.

Your video should be accurate, depending of what YOU think the differences between a man and a woman actually are.

Technical points

  • You can make groups of 2, 3 or 4 students
  • Everyone has to speak in the video
  • Your video should be 4min long
  • Your video is to be shot on your spare time
  • Some video editor are available on the school network. If you want to use some other software, please use them at home
  • Please hand in your work in compatible formats

Scientific points

  • Sex and gender should not be confused with each other as scientific ideas
  • Use your scientific background knowledge from your Biology lessons

Context points

  • Your video is a Starfleet video. Thus, the following points are expected:
    • scenery
    • costumes
    • special effects
    • any sci-fi stuff that could match with the Startreck universe: be inventive, be original, be smart!


  • Choose 2 pictures
  • Analyse and compare the two pictures you chose
    • What kind of pictures are they?
    • How are they built?
    • What is the message?
    • What link is there with gender and/or sex?
    • What are the differences/similarities between them?
    • What is your opinion on these pictures?