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Topic 3 - Sex and gender
Publié le 5 mai 2023
par F. Touihrat

Sommaire SG 1. Starfleet diplomacy SG 2. Talk about the human SG 3. The genderbread person SG 1. Starfleet diplomacy

Here is an extract from the famous TV series ’Star Trek : The Next Generation’.

Here, Commander Riker, from Starfleet, meets up with Soren, of the J’naii (...)

Topic 2 - Microbiota
Publié le 31 mars 2023
par F. Touihrat

Final taskInstructions

The final task will be a sketch (TV show) with 3 characters, presenting a chosen microbiota : what it is, what it is composed of, how it works (simply), what we should do to take care of it, etc.

The sketch should last 3-5 min, each student speaking equally. Roles Roles (...)