Theme 2 - Female science pioneers
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 Final task : awareness campaign

Your task is to create an awareness campaign to encourage people not to discourage girls to do science.

Your campaign should be composed of a poster and a radio spot.


  • for the whole campaign
    • It can be a general campaign or it can be aimed at a specific audience (parents, siblings, school mates, etc.).
    • You should refer to a famous female science pioneer and her importance in the history of science.
    • The poster and the radio spot are not independant : they should be linked in any way.
    • You are to work in groups of 1, 2 or 3 students.
  • for the poster
    • You can build an actual poster (size A2) or a digital poster. In the last case, it should be either a single Google slide or a PDF document.
    • Remember that a poster should not have a lot of text. Pictures are the most important, as well as a motto or catchphrase.
  • for the radio spot
    • A radio spot is neither an interview or a short program. It is built like an advertisement, but on non-commercial purpose.
    • It should last at least as many minutes as there are students in the group, each of them talking for a total of 1 min.
    • It should be recorded and edited in a compatible format. Do not hesitate to add music, sounds, etc. as long as the speech remains understandable
    • Introduce yourselves at the very beginning to the record for the teacher to be able to identify who is speaking.

Turn in your campaign on Classroom in two separated files : one for the audio, one for the poster.

 Female scientists

Here is the list of scientists you found out, and their field of research.

ScientistsField of research
IVth century Hypathie of Alexandrie Mathematician
IVth century Agnodice of Athens Gynecologist
1727 Émilie DU CHÂTELET Translation of Newton’s theories
1821 Mary ANNING Discovery of the first and typical fossil of a Plesiosaurus
1843 Ada LOVELACE Firse programmer : first algorithm to be carried out by a machine
1856 Eunice FOOTE Greenhous effect of CO2
1898 Marie CURIE Radium and polonium radioactivity
1907 Maria MONTESSORI Educational approach that emphasises individualised instruction and self-paced-learning
1910s Alice BALL « Ball method » : the moste effective therapy for leprosy
1912 Henrieta LEAVITT Relation between the luminosity and the period of Cepheid stars
1925 Cecila PAYNE The composition of stards and how to decrypt the spectra of starlinght
1935 Irène JOLIOT-CURIE Artificial radioactivity
1938 Lise MEITNER Nuclear fission
1941 Helen GWYNNE-VAUGHAN Fungi genetics
1942 Hedy LAMARR Radio guidance for torpedoes now used in Wi-Fi
1944 Chien-Shung WU Separation of 235U and 238U among Manhattan project
1949 Anne McLAREN IN-vitro fecondation
1950 GErtruda ELION Two new treatments of cancer
1951 Rita LEVI-MONTALCINI Discovery of the nervous growth factor
1952 Martha CHASE Experiments on DNA
1953 Katherine JOHNSON Calculation of orbital mechanics
1953 Rosalind FRANKLIN 3D structure of DNA molecule
1957 Mary THARP First map of the Nord-Atlantic mid-ocean ridge
1960 Jane GOODALL Fist report of chimpazees using tools to catch food (termites)
1962 Rachel CARSON Effects of pesticides on marine lifeforms
1963 Valentina TERESHKOVA First woman in space
1964 Dorothy HODGKIN X-ray crystallography to determine the structure of biomolecules
1970 Vera RUBIN Dark matter
1972 Joyce JACOBSON Quantum chemistry
1973 Elizabeth BLACKWELL Fist female MD in the US
1985 Carole GREIDER Importance of telomerase in cancer development
1986 Gwladys WEST Satellite geodesy used in GPS
1987 Olga GONZÁLEZ-SANABRIA Nickel-Hydrogen batteries
1992 Mae C. JEMISON First black woman to travel into space
2000 Ada YONAT Structure of ribosomes
2004 Temple GRANDIN Prize for work on animal behaviour and welfare
2015 Jennifer DOUDNA Gene editing technique with CRISPR-Cas9
2014 May-Britt MOSER Nobel Prize for Physiology : grid cells in the entorhinal cortex
2015 Emmanuelle CHARPENTIER CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology
2015 Kristen MARHAVER Coral reef restoration
2016 Elaine MARDIS Genomic characterisation of cancers
2016 Jess WADE Organic-based LEDs
2017 Audrey DUSSUTOUR The blob
2018 Donna STRICKLAND Nobel Prize for LASERs
2020 Sara SEAGER Exoplanet TOI 700 d
2020 Tiera GUINN Working on the Space Launch System for the NASA to send people to Mars
2021 Wally FUNK Oldest person in space, aged 82

 Inspire Her Mind Verizon commercial (2014)

 Guidelines to a successful radio campaign

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