Ressources pour les SVT, les BPH et la DNL SVT-Anglais

Topic 1. Human evolution
Article published on 12 September 2023
last modification on 3 October 2023

by F. Touihrat

 September 12, 2023

The texts you studied are abstracts of actuel scientific papers.

You can find the full versions of the three texts by clicking on the links below:

 September 19, 2023

Did Neanderthal speak?

Here is a podcast from a radio program on (ex-PRI). Each week on The World in Words, Patrick Cox and Nina Porzucki tell stories about languages and the people who speak them.

This episode is entitled ’Where does language come from?’ and deals with the late evolution of language among Homo species.

People you can hear in this episode :

  • Reporter Ari Daniel
  • Host Patrick Cox
  • Host Nina Porzucki
Did Neanderthals speak?
Nina Porzucki/PRI’s The World: The World in Words (2018)

 October 03, 2023

Extra resource

  • Which new piece of information does this ressource bring to the “primate speech riddle” ?
  • Draw links with the ressources from the previous tasks.

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