Ressources pour les SVT, la DNL SVT-Anglais et la BPH

C’est parti pour l’année 2018-2019.

Certains éléments sont déjà en ligne.
D’autres viendront au fur et à mesure de l’année.

except sex. Sex is about power.’ Oscar Wilde April, 1st

Here is an extract from the famous TV series ’Star Trek: The Next Generation’.

Here, Commander Riker, from Starfleet, meets up with Soren, of the J’naii species.

J’naii are among the humanoid species but present a significant difference with (...)

March22/27, 2019

You have been studying criteria to be in good health in your euro lessons for a few weeks.

That makes you think about your cousin who is a couch potato to your opinion.

You give him/her a phone call to give him/her some science based advices on his/her health. (...)

Final task

The Minister for Health wishes to launch a national campaign about how new technologies could help prevent and/or cure Alzheimer’s disease.

You belong to their Cabinet and your task is to make a summary on this subject for the Minister’s information.

As the Minister does not have so (...)

January 21, 2019

Task 1 Individual work

Choose one of the following scientists and do some biographical research on them: who they were, when and where they lived, what the historical background was, what the main scientific theories were at this time, etc. René Antoine de Réaumur Carl von (...)

Final task

The final task od this theme will be a debate, taking place at the end of the period.

The debate subject will be vaccination. Roles for the debate RoleStudent Journalist Jérémie

Ynès-Eden Gov. health authority rep. Louise

Erwan GP Marie-Stella


Zoé Pro-vaxxer witness Alexis (...)

November 13, 2018 Build up pairs. Four pairs are “Ps”, four are “Ls”

Step 1 - 15’ “L” pairs, click here “P” pairs, click here Using the information you can find on the webpage, prepare an oral explaination of the role of the organ, following these instructions 3’-5’ long You will not be using your (...)

November 12, 2018

COP23 took place on November 2018 and COP24 is beginning in a few weeks.

Task Build up a summary sheet on COP23 and COP24.


Grab some information on ’COP’. What is it? What are its aims? What consequences did the previous meetings of COP have? Find background from (...)

Doc 9 - Magenta does not exist!

Watch the full video with related content here: Doc 10 - What it’s like to be colorblindDoc 12 - Transmission of the nervous message between neurons (...)

September 18, 2018

The texts you studied are abstracts of actuel scientific papers.

You can find the full versions of the three texts by clicking on the links below: Text A Text B Text CSeptember 25, 2018

Use the texts you studied last week and this extra resource to build up a diagram that (...)

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