Topic 3 - Sex and gender
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 SG 1. Starfleet diplomacy

Here is an extract from the famous TV series ’Star Trek : The Next Generation’.
Here, Commander Riker, from Starfleet, meets up with Soren, of the J’naii species.

J’naii are among the humanoid species but present a significant difference with the Human species : J’naii are a no-gender species.

Part 1 - 0:00 to 0:51

  • What would you answer to Soren, if you were Commander Riker ?

Part 2 - 0:51 to 1:22

  • Do you agree with Commander Riker ?
  • What about the last question Soren asks in this extract and Riker’s reaction ?
  • How are men and women depicted in this video ?

 SG 2. Talk about the human body

 SG 3. The genderbread person

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Sum up the 4 items of the genderbread person

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