Theme 3 - Immunology
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 Final task - Debate

The debate will take place on Wednesday, May 10th.
Its subject will be vaccination.

Journalists Robin
You will have to introduce the various topics your classmates will have to discuss. You will also make sure that every student does have an opportunity to express his/her opinion.
Government Health Authority representative Jasmine
You belong to an official authority that is in charge of health questions. You are responsible for public policies.
Physician / GP Adeline
You are a middle-aged physician who meets different people everyday, each of them having a different opinion on health questions and vaccination, that you do not necessarly agree with.
Pro-vaccination witness Arthur
You are a layman who has been having/had some experience with vaccination and strongly trust it.
Anti-vaccination witness Gauthier
You are a layman who has been having/had some experience with vaccination and strongly distrust it.
Health NGO in a developing country representative Aude
You work for an NGO and thus have some experience in health questions in different situations than the ones one may encounter in daily life.
Pharmaceutical company CEO Charlotte
You are aware of the pros and cons of vaccination but your main concern is selling products and make money.
Anti-vaccination disinformation Benjamin
Nobody knows who you really are. Your aim is not clear. You bring a lot of controversial information into the debate.

 Task 1

Press review

 Task 2

Edward Jenner, born in mid-18th century England, would eventually become one of the most famous scientists in medical history and the so-named “Father of Immunology.” After observing that cowpox infection seemed to protect humans against smallpox, Jenner inoculated an eight-year-old boy with cowpox matter from a blister on the hand of an English milkmaid. He then repeatedly attempted to “challenge” the cowpox inoculation by exposing the boy to smallpox material—but the boy never fell ill. Jenner had demonstrated smallpox immunization.

Jenner’s method of vaccination against smallpox grew in popularity and eventually replaced variolation, which had been the standard before his demonstration. In the latter part of the 20th century, about 150 years after Jenner’s death in 1823, smallpox would be making its last gasps. It would eventually be eradicated after a massive surveillance and vaccination program—thanks largely to the initial efforts of the Father of Immunology.

After :

On-line ressources


  • Explore the ressource matching with your sitting to your table. Take down some notes on the ressource.
  • Without the ressources, put your pieces of information in common in order to explain how the cowpox inoculation could protect against smallpox.

 Task 3

The groups who will impersonate the characters are in the table above. The two/three students of one group will impersonate the same character. You thus need to build his/her background : agree on his/her name, age, place of birth, job, location, relatives, personal experience, etc. and, of course, point of view !

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